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With my great pleasure, my dear friendSamuele, another passionate artist (, offered me the chance to expose at his place from10th Dicember 2016 to 8th January 2017.

Here are his own words, to tell you how this project was born:

"I know Valentinasince we High School, but her Art has been a pleasant e unexpected surprise for me,when few month ago I found her photos hanging on  Caffé Rosmini's walls in Domodossola. So I got the idea to host her photographies in my B&B, Villa Moro".

Another friend joined us to gladden the inauguration of this exhibition, the great song singer-writer Emilio (!

During my last trip in Prague I decided to get some confidence with Street Photography, something I never really dealt with yet, and so I found myself observing and studying people around me while I was wandering around.

I got amazed by how rich of inputs the scene and how interesting people were (almost as much as the wonderful place they lived in, even if more unseen, with a less leading role, sometimes safe and shielded in the anonymity that the crowd could give them).

But I wanted to enlight these people, tell others their stories by the emotions that I could see trough my lenses and that I tried to turn into images;

I found therefore myself capturing both what they choose to show out, knowing to be observed, and the most spontaneous and true moments in wich they thought to sneak from sight, and I must say these were the most interesting stories, the ones hiding in the shadows and need that someone comes to see and tell them.

And so there they are, my accidental actors, sharing with us a part of their stories. Just a small part, a specific moment.....what has been before and what will come next we can just guess!

Inner Child
I don't Care
No Hope
Quo Vadis
Twin Benches
Driving along the Vltava
Traditional Instruments
Banjo on the River
The Sound of Prague
Magic Notes
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