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Due the success of "Three Perspective", Caffè Rosmini in Domodossola asked me to expose again (from 19th November to 10thDecember 2016) and this time I wanted to make something new, with 8 black&white views of the beautiful town of Comacchio.


Comacchio is a small town near Ferrara, known as "Little Veice",for its canals e its architecture rich in bridges, giving wonderful and romantic vistas to the spectator. even if its relationship with Venezia had been rough for long time'cause the two cities were rivals in the salt (really precious good) commerce.
But Comacchio is famous also for its eels, fished with nets into the big canals that flank the Po delta, cooked and served in the small restaurants bumping over water.
With my shots I want to show how beautiful is this mostly unknown place, quiet and silent, without cars, where time seems to have stopped!

Acque Sinuose
Il Gondoliere
Scalinata di mattoni
Allo Specchio
Per le vie di Comacchio
Calma piatta
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