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Cultural Association "Factory28" from Genova wanted to set some photographic expositions in a bar in my town and I had the honour to be one of the 4 chosen artists! My pictures heng on their walls from 23rdApril to 6thMay 2016.

I really want to thank everyone for giving me this great chance!!!


Since my son was born my perspective on the world around us changed becoming, indeed, a three perspective....we were a couple and now we are a Family and we have to deal with uor three different points of view, to find some stability between our needs, preferences and necessities! Everything we do now we have to keep in mind this new third element...always!!!

This photo serie wants to give you a look on our everyday life; pictures are monochrome because colours could divert attention from details while I want to underline the importance of small things, the essential, trivial everyday issues that normally stand in the shadow.

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Cin Cin
La nostra Musica
Farsi belli
Letture di famiglia
Panni stesi
A tavola
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